Ice, Ice Baby

Well, our new Harvest Right medium freeze dryer has arrived! We are beyond excited to get started with this type of food preservation.

If you have done your research, you know there is a lot of negative posts about a Harvest Right freeze dryer. With that said, there are many more positive posts than anything out there. Don’t be discouraged!

Because of the price of these machines, you want to be very careful and follow all instructions. The first email you will receive when you place your order is an order confirmation. It will show you the items you have paid for and your order number. The next email we received stated our unit was being prepared to ship. The final email we received was an email stating our unit had shipped, what the tracking number was, and a complete list of instructions to follow. In those instructions was a PDF copy of your owner’s manual, Guide to Freeze Drying, and a troubleshooting guide.

The day before your unit is scheduled to arrive, FEDEX will call you and let you know that you will receive a call from the driver when he is about 30 minutes from your house. Our FEDEX driver called us about 30-45 minutes prior to arrival. At this point you need to make sure you have a clear path from your driveway to wherever you will have the FEDEX driver drop your unit. Our unit came in near perfect condition. I asked the driver to let me unbox it before I signed for it. I wanted to make sure there was no hidden physical damage. He was so nice! After inspection, I signed for the delivery and got our crew to gently move the unit inside. Once inside, we placed it flat and balanced while we wait 24 hours before plugging it in for testing. That’s it!

So far, the process has been painless and worry-free. We are anxious to get started and will take you with us on this freeze-drying adventure!